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Investing in Portishead’s Future: 2021-2022 Budget

News - 22 December 2020

Investing in Portishead’s Future: 2021-2022 Budget

Portishead Town Council recently agreed the budget and investment plans for 2021-2022. The amount of money Portishead residents will pay is expected to remain the same as it was in 2020, which means that a total of £775,290 will be available for investment in the town.

About the Precept

  • A vast majority of your council tax goes to North Somerset Council and services such as Police, Fire and adult social care
  • 1.5% of your council tax, which is called the ‘Precept’, is allocated to PTC
  • The Precept is the only tax spent solely on services for Portishead

What was the Precept spent on in 2020?

  • Support for shielding and self-isolating residents in Portishead
  • Investing in community groups through grant awards
  • Bringing Portishead’s history to life in our new heritage centre at the Folk Hall
  • Financially supporting Portishead Youth Centre, the Christmas Lights and Portishead Wheels and Skate Park CIC

Without such financial stability, we would not have been able to react and support the community though a very difficult year.

Looking to the future

We continue to strive to deliver the ‘Your Money-Your Choice’ direction from the Precept consultation in 2019.

  • Continuing to look ahead at the effects of Covid in the community
  • Increased investment in wellness, and continuing to signpost and support wellness facilities such as North Somerset Citizens Advice
  • Investing in services for children and families including Portishead Youth Centre
  • Continue keeping Portishead clean and tidy

If you'd like to find out more about PTC's budget for 2021-2022, you can watch the meeting recording and view the presentation under December 2020 of Town Council Minutes.

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