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Your Money Your Choice - Precept Consultation Meeting

News - 20 November 2019

Your Money Your Choice - Precept Consultation Meeting

Your Money Your Choice

Precept Consultation – Portishead Town Council wants to know your views

A small part of the Council Tax bill you get from North Somerset is actually for Portishead Town Council. This tax is known as the “precept” and in Portishead we pay 50p per week per Band D household as our precept. This is the only tax that is spent solely on local services for Portishead.
For comparison, the precept in Clevedon is 90p and it is £1.43 in Yatton, £1.47 in Weston and £1.48 in Nailsea, which enables those towns to provide more services.

We are undertaking a consultation regarding the type of services and the level of precept you wish to see to see in Portishead. We will also be providing other opportunities to contribute via social media, a leaflet distribution to residents and a Precept Consultation meeting at the Folk Hall on the evening of Wednesday November 20th – More details to follow.

In May of this year, you voted to change the way your town council was run, you voted to elect a council that works to protect our environment, you voted to elect a council that will help in the fight against over development and would support community projects that the town wants and needs. But most important of all you voted to elect a council that would listen to your thoughts and ideas and work with you to decide our future. After all its Your Money, Your Choice.

Some facts about the precept and what the Town Council does.

  • We pay on average 50p per week per “Band D” household to support Town Council activities
    • The money collected currently provides services such as community halls, some small parks and open spaces and allotments.
    • Your town council money also helps support valuable services such as Portishead Youth Centre, the Citizens Advice Bureau and Community transport.
    • The Town Council also supports community activity through grants to groups like Portishead Christmas Lights and Portishead in Bloom.
    • Recently, the previous council spent more money than they brought in, so to balance the books and keep the precept low, they used some of the money that the town council keeps for unexpected items or emergencies (reserves). 
    • Having low reserves makes it difficult to deal with unexpected repairs to community buildings or it may have an impact on other services we deliver.

Like you, we want a first class council because like you we believe we are a first class town. This does mean, however, that to repair the under investment of the past and to build for our future we need to make some choices this year. We as a community need to choose the level of services and type of council we want. This decision is something we need to make together as a town so over the next few weeks you are going to see some options that we are putting together to take Portishead forward.

Please take part and let us know your thoughts on what matters to you. You voted in May to have a say in our future - together let’s make a positive choice.

Thank you - Portishead Town Council working for you



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