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Wyndham Way Road Widening

News - 9 February 2018

Wyndham Way

Last year the government allocated £2.8m for improvements to junction 19 of the M5 at Portishead, as part of a national congestion relief programme.

During evening rush hour traffic becomes congested on the M5 southbound heading towards Portishead. This is made worse as there’s also congestion on our road network as traffic heads into the town.

This causes a serious road safety issue as stationary traffic ends up queuing on the southbound M5. The funding has been awarded to reduce this congestion and ultimately improve road safety on the motorway.

We’ve been working with Highways England to look at possible solutions. Our investigations have shown the motorway congestion is partly due to limited capacity on the A369 Wyndham Way.

Therefore, as well as changes at junction 19 to be carried out by Highways England, we’ve also been looking at how we can increase capacity on Wyndham Way.  Click for further details.

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