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Rewilding Consultation - Outcome and Tree Planting Schedule

News - 11 February 2020

The rewilding consultation has just ended and NSC have now finalised the locations for the initial planting of 5,000 trees. These reflect the sites identified on the consultation map which can be found here - https://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/my-services/leisure/parks-countryside/rewilding/rewilding-in-north-somerset/


NSC received almost 500 responses to the consultation with three-quarters supporting rewilding and around 200 people volunteering to get involved.  A summary of the consultation responses will be uploaded on econsult next week.


The following link shows the location of the 23 sites, proposed tree numbers and the date and time for the activity. This has been shared with the 200 volunteers and a press article has also been released - https://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/news/first-trees-to-be-planted-as-rewilding-gets-under-way/


The Woodland Trust donated 5,000 trees and they have spread the planting for this first implementation of rewilding across as many wards as possible.


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