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Keeping safe in the cold

News - 8 February 2021

As the weather turns colder, find out what you can do to keep yourself and others safe.

Grit bins

Anyone can use the salt in these bins for public areas.

Make sure you use a shovel or a spade to get the salt out of the bin. It is very corrosive and could damage your hands if you pick it up. It is illegal to use the salt on your own land.

All grit bins in Portishead now have an allocated reference number, so please quote this when contacting us to report any problems or low grit levels (bins can be requested to be refilled if grit levels fall below 60%).

You can find the full Grit Bin list here


Take care out on the roads, especially if they're untreated. For travel updates, check out North Somerset Council's Travel and Roads Facebook page

Close to home

Check on older and vulnerable people who may not be able to cope so well.

Remember to follow Covid-19 guidance while making sure friends and family are ok.

Top tips for keeping warm and well:

  • Try and keep your home heated to at least 18C
  • Keeping curtains closed and tucked behind radiators helps to trap heat
  • Have regular hot meals and drinks
  • Layer up – wear a few layers of thin clothing rather than one thick layer
  • Try not to sit for longer than an hour – get up and stretch your legs
  • Check the weather forecast – if you’re heading out for an essential reason, make sure you’re layered up and wearing footwear with good grip

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