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High Down and St. Peter's Schools - Road Closures and Changes

News - 8 June 2020

Families are likely to experience problems with social distancing whilst travelling to school.

Plans have been drawn up for roads immediately around High Down and St. Peter's schools which can experience heavy use.

High Down road map

St. Peter's road map

Guidance for travelling to school:

  • You may need to vary your usual route so plan your journey in advance and allow extra time.
  • Walk or cycle to school if you can to prevent congestion and overcrowding at usual drop off spots.
  • If you need to drive, where possible park away from the school and walk the last part of your journey.
  • Avoid using public transport unless you have no other travel options. 
  • Follow instructions from your school about procedures for drop off and collection.
  • Parents/guardians are asked, where possible, not to take other siblings with them to the school.

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