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High Down & St Peters Schools Social Distancing Feedback

News - 14 July 2020

The Social Distancing highway schemes in place around the High Down Schools (covering The Deans, Mendip Rd, Downleaze and High View) and St Peter’s School (covering Hallet’s Way, Forester Road and Norfolk Road), are to remain in place until September and will be supported by a traffic regulation order.

North Somerset Council (NSC) are seeking feedback from all effected (parents, school staff, residents etc), which is being collected using the Sustrans ‘Space to Move’ webpage. Please see the Poster that will be displayed in the affected areas and on social media requesting views on the measures.

By way of background, NSC have stated that Local Authorities across the UK are making changes to our streets in response to COVID-19. These changes are designed to make it easier for people to walk, wheel and cycle safely whilst social distancing during the lockdown and beyond. And we want to hear what you think about them. To find out if the changes are working we are asking whether each scheme:

- helps maintain physical distancing?

- helps people make essential journeys?

- makes people feel safer?

- means that people are more likely to walk and cycle?

- will have positive impact on the area in the longer term?

Please visit the Sustrans "Space to Move" page for more information. A separate survey is being undertaken for each scheme that can be completed from the following links:

High Down Schools Survey

St Peters School Survey

Please take part to have your say on this important issue.

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