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Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

  • Clinically extremely vulnerable people must continue to follow the rules that are in place for everyone.

  • The government are also advising clinically extremely vulnerable people to continue to take extra precautions to protect themselves. You are advised to follow the practical steps described here to minimise your risk of exposure to the virus.

Getting Essentials

We are working with the Portishead Coronavirus Support Network to help Clincally Extremely Vulnerable residents get essentials. We will continue to provide support for those that need it, although priority will be given to the most vulnerable. If you can, firstly rely on friends, family, neighbours, local deliveries or online shopping to get essentials. 

If these are not possible:

Government guidance for other groups states they should continue to shop for essentials and prescriptions, whilst being especially careful to observe social distancing.

Booking a Covid-19 test

With symptoms of Covid-19

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, click here for more information on booking a Covid-19 test.

Without symptoms of Covid-19

Twice-weekly rapid Covid-19 testing is available now for anyone without symptoms of coronavirus who lives or works in North Somerset. Click here for more information on rapid testing and how to book if you need one.

Last updated 19th April 2021