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Grit Bin Locations

We have recently conducted a full grit bin audit and would like to thank our wonderful grit bin volunteers for all their help.

We are aware some bins are damaged with cracks and holes. We have started replacing these with new bins made from recycled plastic.

We are donating our old bins to schools, who will be using them for garden and conservation projects.

All bins have an allocated reference number so please quote this when contacting us to report any problems or low grit levels (you can request for a bin to be refilled if grit levels fall below 60%).

Using the grit bins

Anyone can use the salt in these bins for public areas.

Make sure you use a shovel or a spade to get the salt out of the bin. It is very corrosive and could damage your hands if you pick it up. It is illegal to use the salt on your own land, and you could be prosecuted for stealing.



Location - best description


G1 Ashdown Road   Bottom of road, outside No 14 West
G2 Ashdown Road  Junction with Nore Road (by lamp post No 4) West
G3 Avon Way  At top in public car park West
G4  Avon Way  Left-hand side by steps (by lamp post No 48) West 
G5  Badger Rise  By lamp post No 7  West 
G6  Badger Rise  Opposite No 54, at junction with Brock End  West
G7 Beach Hill  Top of Beach Hill just sits under the traffic island at top of hill opposite No 1  North
G8 Beach Road West  Outside No 19 North
G9  Beach Road West  Outside No 35 Beach Road West, next to post box in wall  North
G10 Beechwood Drive  Far end outside No 1 West
G11 Beechwood Road  By No 33 in cul de sac West
G12 Belton Road  By RNLI Life Boat station - by Yacht Club bottom of road  West
G13 Brendon Road Outside No 21 on other grass verge opposite grit bin G14 West
G14  Brendon Road  Outside No 33 on grass verge   West
G15 Brendon Road  Opposite No 5 at the Junction with Polden Road  West
G16 Brock End  Near No 85 on the traffic calmer  West
G17 Burlington Road  In small layby  North
G18 Burlington Road  Bottom of steps next to 103 North
G21 Cabot Rise Junction with Drakes Way, halfway point on hill West
G19 Cabot Rise  By No 30 West
G20 Cabot Rise  Junction with Frobisher Avenue West
G23 Cedarhurst Road  Near junction with Nore Road, near lamp post No 1 West
G24 Channel View Road Junction with Channel View Crescent West
G25 Charlcombe Park  In the Caravan Park - Privately Owned West
G27 Charlcombe Rise Junction with Down Road opposite No 1 West
G28 Charlcombe Rise  Opposite No 17 West
G28 (2) Charlcombe Rise Opposite No 43 in the turning circle West
G29 Combe Avenue  Opposite No 19 North
G30 Combe Avenue  Opposite No 35 North
G31 Combe Fields  At top in hammerhead North
G32 Dennyview Junction with Meadow Close West
G33  Devonshire Drive Near Junction with Nore Road  West
G34  Downleaze  Outside No 15 West
G35 Drakes Way Raleigh Rise, on bend before Drakes Way West
G36 Fircliff Park On left-hand side as road splits at end of cul-de-sac  North
G38 Glenwood Rise  Rear of pavement, opposite No 11 & 15 West
G39 Halliwell Road  Junction of Halliwell Road & Hillside Road, outside No 2 Halliwell Road West
G40 Hawthorn Close  Junction with Hillcrest Road & Marconi Road West
G41 Highfield Drive  Between 4A and 4B  West
G42 (1) Hillcrest Road / Kings Road Hillcrest Road, on grass verge at junction with Kings Road  West
G42 (2)  Marconi Road / Meadow Close On grass verge near Meadow Close. West
G43 (1)  Hillcrest Road Kings Road, opposite number 14/16  West
G43 (2)  Hillcrest Road On Hillcrest Road, near Junction with Nore Road West
G44 Hillside Road  Between Sage Close and Woodside Gardens, outside 12 Hillside Road  West
G45  Hillside Road  Junction with Down Road by Ship Inn West
G46 Hillside Road  Junction with Nore Road next to No 2 Hillside Road  West
G47 Hillside Road  Coastal section of Hillside Road (on National Trust grass area) next to No 28 West
G48 Hollis Avenue Junction with Underwood Road South
G49 Holly Ridge  Junction with Bruton Avenue West
G50  Crest Heights  Crest Heights Privately Owned West
G51  Little Halt off Nore Road  Adjacent to Little Halt Road sign on bend at the top of the hill  West
G52 Lower Down Road  Opposite No 22  West
G53 Marconi Road / Hawthorn Close On grass verge near Hawthorn Close  West
G54 Marina  By lock gates - Privately Owned  East 
G55 Marina  Slipway by Hall & Woodhouse - Privately Owned  East 
G56 Mendip Road  By flat Nos 43-57 West
G57 Mendip Road  By flat Nos 59-73 West
G58 Mendip Road  By flat nos 75-89 West
G59 Mendip Road  By Nos 13-41 West
G60 Off Newport Close  Road between Newport Close & Monmouth Close West
G61 Newhaven Place Junction with Little Halt opposite No 18 Newhaven Place West
G62 Newhaven Road  Junction with Hillside Rd outside No 4 Newhaven Road West
G63 Newhaven Road  Junction with Pembroke Road West
G65  Nichols Road Top of Road. Junction with Nore Road opposite Number 2 West
G65 (2)  Nichols Road 

Bottom RHS nearing the bottom of the road, outside no 20

G66 Nightingale Rise Outside No 8 West
G67  Nore Gardens  On left-hand side as you enter West
G68 Nore Park Drive  Opppsite No 12 West
G69 Nore Park Road  Outside No 26 West
G70 Northfield Road  Junction with Hillside Road
Opposite 118 Hillside Road on the triangle 
G72 Old Mill Road In car park opposite Poundland - Privately owned  North
G71 Old Mill Road  Beside The Hub gym North
G74 Pembroke Road  Junction with Hillside Road, near No 110 Hillside Road West
G75 Pinecroft  Bottom of cul-de-sac West
G76 Quantock Road Junction with Blackdown Road West
G77 ( 1)  Queens Road Top of Queens Road, near junction with Down Road on pavement  West
G77 (2)  Queens Road  Queens Road, halfway down, outside R.F. Ponsford office, close to the junction with Seaview Road  West
G78 Raleigh Rise  Junction with Drakes Way West
G79  Raleigh Rise  Junction with Nore Road West
G81 Rippleside Bottom of Rippleside, Junction with Avon Way  West
G82 Rippleside  3rd turning on the left going up Rippleside  West
G83 Rippleside By junction of Briary Road West
G84 Riverleaze  Outside Nos 12 & 13 West
G85 Rodmoor Road  Junction with Beach Road West North 
G86 Sage Close  Bottom of cul-de-sac West
G87 Sainsburys  By bus stop - Privately owned East 
G88 Sainsburys  By fuel station - Privately owned  East 
G89 Sainsburys  By Motorcycle parking - Privately owned  East 
G90 (1)  Severn Road  Next to house no 54 by the garages  West
G90 (2)  Severn Road  Next to lamp post no 3 opposite the first Seven Road junction  West
G91 Slade Road Adjacent to 132 Slade Road and Adlington House  South 
G92 Somerset Road  Near junction with Nore Road West
G93 South Road Junction with Leighview Road North 
G94 St Mary's Park Estate  On corner to Cedar Way, located on steep hill in a bed of rocks with trees West
G95 St Mary's Park Road  On the left by Newlands Hill  West
G96 The Garstons Behind No 15  South 
G97  The Deans  Opposite No 18 West
G99 The Downs On the Downs, at the Junction of the Deans and the Downs  West
G100  The Downs Outside No 103, bottom of Down Road tucked in the corner  West
G98 The Downs  At Junction with Down Road  West
G101 (1) The Knoll Opposite No 1, right hand side as you drive into cul de sac  North 
G101 (2)  The Rowans  Top of Road  West
G102 Tower Road  End of Tower Road, Junction with Hilltop West
G103 Valley Road  Junction with Down Road West
G104 Victoria Square Outside Victoria Court North 
G105 Waitrose  Waitrose Piazza, against wall - opposite entrance Privately Owned East 
G106 (1) Waitrose walkway Walkway against wall near Community Garden and Library East 
G106 (2)  Waitrose Walkway  Piazza walkway, close to Woods Solicitors empty building and Brunel Court - Privately owned East 
G107 Waterside Park  Bottom opposite No 1 West
G108 Waterside Park  Junction with Hillside Road, outside No 72 Hillside Road West
G109 West Hill  Junction with Nore Road West
G110 West Hill  La Sainte - Privately owned  West
G111  West Hill  Opposite junction with West Hill Gardens Outside Church  West
G112 Wetlands Lane  Junction with Underwood Road  South
G113 White Lodge Park On the right hand side as you drive in North
G114 Woodacre Junction with Pier Road  North 
G115 Woodhill Ave  Junction with South Road  North 
G116 Woodhill Park As you enter Road on the right, just past the steps and railings  North 
G117 Wyndham Way - Argos Argos - Privately owned  North
G118 Wyndham Way - Homebase Homebase - Privately owned  North
G119 Wyndham Way - McDonalds McDonalds - Privately owned  North 
G120   RNLI Lifeboat station  Marina outside station  East 
G121 Windmill Car Park  On grass verge at top of the main carpark in The Windmill Pub  West
G122 Folk Hall  Outside Folk Hall, by entrance Portishead Town Council Office South 
G124 Battery Lane On the gravel outside of Severnscape


G126 Newlands Hill  At entrance of Newlands Close West

Last updated 6 February 2023