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Grants Awarded 2021

Portishead Youth Centre

Portishead Youth Centre logo

Grant awarded - £9,999

"The aim of Portishead Youth Centre is to provide a safe, supportive and engaging environment for children, young people and the wider community to be able to access activities and support. Our primary aim is to support young people with their transition through adolescence, expanding their experiences and perspectives physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This grant will help to help fund the cost of the building management and administration required to plan, implement, manage, and evaluate the wide range of support that the community of Portishead benefit from." 

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Phone: 01275 842461

Portishead Town Football Club (PTFC)

Portishead Town Football Club logo

Grant awarded - £500

"PTFC provides over 1000 members (Men, Ladies, Boys and Girls), mainly from the Portishead area and aged 6 upwards, the opportunity to play football in a safe environment and as affordable as possible for all. The grant will be used towards the installation of an upgraded security system."

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Phone: 01275 817600