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Grants Awarded 2020/2021

The Portishead Lions

Grant awarded £1,189 on 12th Aug 2020

"The Portishead Lions provide and maintain 28 defibrillators in Portishead. 7000 people have been trained to use this life saving equipment located on our streets. Portishead Town Council has recognised the impact that Covid has had on fund raising and operating costs this year. The grant awarded will help The Lions to continue to support and protect this life saving service for Portishead residents."

- Andrew Hill – Membership Chairperson


For a list of defibrillator locations, visit our Defibrillators page.

If you would like to know more about the Lions or are interested in becoming a member or a friend, please contact Membership Chairperson Andrew Hill on 01275 281415


Great Western Air Ambulance Charity

Grant awarded - £2,000 on 12th August 2020

"Great Western Air Ambulance Charity provides the air ambulance and critical care service for the residents of Portishead. GWAAC’s team of specialist Doctors and Paramedics attend the most critically ill and injured patients in the town in our helicopter and critical care cars. By bringing the hospital Emergency Department directly to the patient, wherever they may be, GWAAC is able to save time and save lives. By continuing to support GWAAC, Portishead Town Council is helping to ensure that Portishead residents have access to one of the best Critical Care Teams in the country. We are proud to be at the forefront of pre-hospital emergency medicine, delivering the best possible care to the local community. You never know when you might need Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, but your continued support means that we can be there for the people of Portishead."

Ian Cantoni  -  Community Coordinator  


Great Western Air Ambulance Charity, County Gates, Ashton Road, Bristol, BS3 2JH

Phone: 0303 4444 999

Email: [email protected]