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Portishead Town Council Grant Awards 

Closed for applications. The next round of applications will open in April 2021.

Portishead Town Council has a commitment to encourage, support and promote voluntary and charitable groups and organisations for the benefit of Portishead residents. The Council aims to make grant awards that bring a direct benefit to the Portishead area, and all or some of its residents.

Timeline and Key Dates

The Grant Award process is open from 15th July 2020 until 30th November 2020.  

Grant applications will be assessed individually and within the context of the grants budget for the year. If all funds are therefore awarded prior to 30th November, the Grant Awards will close earlier.

Grant applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis by the Community Matters Committee and, if a request is for more than £10,000, at the Town Council Meeting. Please click View the Portishead Town Council Schedule of Public Meetings for 2020-2021. 


Portishead Town Council are keen to receive requests for grant awards from the following applicants:

  • A Portishead based community group, organisation or charity
  • A community group, organisation or charity serving the needs and delivering benefit to Portishead residents 
  • Organised groups requesting grant funding for a project, activity or event, which will be for the benefit of Portishead residents
  • A Portishead based club, association or organisation serving a specific section of the community or the Portishead community as a whole 

Full details about Eligibility can be found in the Guidance Notes.

Grant Award funding levels

The levels of funding available from Portishead Town Council in 2020 are:

  • Seed and Small Grants - Requests for up to £5,000 funding
  • Medium Grants - Requests for £5,000 to £10,000 funding
  • Large Grants - Requests for more that £10,000 funding (i.e. a one-off grant award request)


All grants awarded in 2020 MUST be spent by 30th June 2021


Strategic Grants

 For requests for more than £10,000 funding (i.e. ongoing strategic grant support covering multiple years), please contact the Portishead Town Council office before completing an application form

Find out how to apply for a Portishead Town Council Grant Award