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Community Matters Committee Meetings

The Community Matters (formerly the Recreation and Works) Committee meets once a month at the Folk Hall, 95 High Street, Portishead. Reports from previous committee meetings are available by clicking the relevant year. The date, time and Agenda of the next meeting can be found under News and Events.

Community Matters Committee Membership


  • Cllr Ben Aldridge – Committee Chair
  • Cllr Paul Churchill  - Committee Vice Chair
  • Cllr Paul Gardner
  • Cllr Janet Davey
  • Cllr Tanya Slatter
  • Cllr Bob Cartwright
  • Cllr Patricia Sterndale
  • Cllr Simon Faulkner

Document Archive

March 2023

Agenda, Community Matters, 2023-03-23
Agenda, Community Matters, 2023-03-23

February 2023

Agenda, Community Matters, 2023-02-23
Community Matters Committee Meeting 19:30 Thursday 23 February 2023

January 2023

Agenda, Community Matters, 2023-01-26
Community Matters Committee Meeting Summons, Notice, Agenda & Agenda Items 19:30 Thursday 26 January 2023